want more plants but do I really need more plants????

guess I had too many relays and not enough threads assigned to sidekiq and it just ended up buckling

aaaaaaaaaaaand after letting sidekiq run all night my mastodon is back to running

reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally wish geforce now wouldn't make it next to impossible to load my cities skylines mods 😭

Well apparently I just had a few too many relays enabled and that might've been what was bogging down my instance

my chickens like to congregate underneath their heat lamp at night and roast; does that count as hot chicken?

welp looks like the sidekiq backlog is slowly working its way down and my instance is somewhat back to a working state

Okay I guess my install is still broken but hopefully it's just the backlog of shit that somehow piled up in sidekiq for 2+ days

okay why is my mastodon instance so mad/broken/grumpy tho

feeling a little restless and can't decide on anything to keep from being bored

it isn't as lean as I would've hoped but it's still pretty cool so whatever

six hours later and I've got a custom statically-compiled postfix container running and actually working

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